GRID Issuing Organizations

The GRID Issuing Organization Database can be found here.

Version 3.4: GRID Issuing Organizations – xlsx (16 kB)

GRID Issuing Organizations Data File – xml(39 kB)
GRID Issuing Organizations XML Schema – xsd (2 kB)

*The XML data file provides "Active" IONs only.

Version Control Sheet 2017 – PDF
Version Control Sheet 2016 – PDF
Version Control Sheet 2015 – PDF


[Last Modified: 20 June 2017]


ST-015 Standard Global Registration Identifier for Donors: ION Database and GRID Rules v3.1.0 – PDF

The purpose of this document is to provide:

  • specifications for the structure of the Global Registration Identifier for Donors (GRID) and the Issuing Organization Number (ION);
  • information on how to obtain and update an ION; and,
  • rules on the use of the GRID.