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Company Name: Zaavia (PANACEA)


Contact Name: Erum Khalid

Contact Phone: (+92)(0)3213826230

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Zaavia, a company with a mission to transform the blood banking world, with innovative solutions, enabling delivery of “safe blood”, independent of the human development index (HDI). PANACEA, with its extensions, is a Blood Bank Management Information System providing safety from the vein of the donor to the vein of the patient. It emulates the decision-making ability of an expert blood banker, reducing human errors to near zero, without compromising high throughput. Blood banking logic has been embedded into the critical control points enabling PANACEA to identify violations in real time. It blocks the functioning and generates alerts, thereby converting an impending event into a non-event.

PANACEA modules span: donor recruitment and collection, component management, serology, infectious disease screening, e-Unit Verification, quality assurance, inventory management, online blood ordering system, order management, billing, donor registry, alerts and notifications.

PANACEA extensions provide a range of plugins:

  • A patient registration module or an interface with your HMIS.
  • Patient wrist band printing.
  • Patient test ordering.
  • Patient bedside label printing and sample collection.
  • Transfusion management for ultimate safety.

PANACEA is a single solution for environments ranging from hospital blood banks, regional blood centres and national transfusion centres.

PANACEA - ensures adherence to the blood banking rules, providing ultimate safety with productivity. Delivering quality en masse.

Area(s) Served:

  • South Asia
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East
  • Africa

Other Services Provided: Blood Banking Management Information System, Patient Registration, Patient Wrist Band Printing, Patient Test Ordering, Patient Sample Collection and Bedside Label Printing, Transfusion Management