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Company Name: Psyche Systems Corporation


Contact Name: Suzanne Caron

Contact Phone: 508 473 1500

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Psyche Systems Corporation's 510(k) approved Systematic Blood Bank (SBB) package exceeds the FDA guidelines regarding computerization of blood banks and transfusion services to deliver advanced features for improved efficiency, security and reporting. It can be integrated with a laboratory's current laboratory information system (LIS) or offered as an integrated part of Psyche's LabWeb hosted LIS.

Psyche Systems' SBB delivers ultimate efficiency and ease-of-use with enhanced features such as online product inventory management, user-defined product and supplier codes, real-time order tracking and emergency release capabilities, comprehensive patient/specimen identification features and is ISBT 128 compatible. SBB also has full audit trail capabilities and multi-tiered privilege levels for inventory and specimen processing to deliver robust system security, and features a variety of flexible reporting options including management and inventory reports.

Area(s) Served:

  • North America