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Company Name: Paragon Data Systems


Contact Name: Giles Manias

Contact Phone: 800 211 0768

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Paragon Data Systems is an expert systems integrator of barcoding and process data collection solutions in the medical and manufacturing industries. We analyze your business’ operations, manufacturing processes, and supply chain to determine where you can improve efficiency and reduce costs. Our solutions vary from enterprise labeling solutions to inventory management, asset management, and more. In the field of healthcare, we have created SafeBaby, which tracks and validates breastmilk and donor milk as it is used in the NICU or processed in the milk bank. SafeBaby BMT prevents preemies from being fed expired milk, or milk that belongs to another child.  Our SafeDonor system links donated milk to a database of tested donors, ensuring contamination can be seen, flagged, and prevented throughout pasteurization and hospital delivery. Medical device manufacturers can rely on this same asset management system to design their label and track their products in compliance with UDI mandates.

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