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Company Name: Intersystems Australia Pty Limited


Contact Name: Andrew Love

Contact Phone: +61 2 9380 7111

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InterSystems TrakCare® is the leading international Healthcare Information System, named the “clear leader in EMR market share” outside the US by KLAS*.

With a comprehensive set of clinical, administrative, departmental, and add-on modules that have a common user interface and are unified by sharing a single data repository, TrakCare has the robust functionality to meet the most advanced requirements or the ability to take you on an incremental EPR journey.

TrakCare Lab is an advanced and proven LIMS, which is fully integrated with the EPR sitting at the heart of TrakCare. With sophisticated functionality for all of the specialised departments within a lab (including Hematology, Biochemistry, Blood Transfusion, Endocrinology, Microbiology, Cytology, Immunology, Histopathology, Serology, Virology, and Toxicology), TrakCare Lab delivers the benefits you would expect from a best-in-class LIMS: accurate results reporting, improved laboratory efficiency, better business management, and greater customer satisfaction.