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Company Name: HemoSoft IT & Training Services, Inc.


Contact Name: Sükrü Cetinkaya, MD

Contact Phone: +90 312 210 10 86

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Hemosoft is a research and development company that provides software, hardware, and consulting services to the IT sector.  Being specialized in the area of hematology and scientific health information systems, we provide turnkey solutions and consulting services to blood centers, clinics, health associations, and health related people.  HemOnline BBIMS is the first and only scientific content blood bank system developed in Turkey.  Hemosoft is located at the Middle East Technical University Technopolis and Hacettepe University Technopolis.  Our projects are supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Turkey, and Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Council.  Our team is made up of medical doctors, biologists, engineers, project managers, and an academic software group that is experienced in security, communication, and web-based applications.

Our company mission is to develop innovative and dynamic projects that have high social, cultural, and economic contribution to individuals and societies, which are regulating, renewing, and complementing current systems; and have high potential to generate new projects through national and international cooperation.

Our vision is to realize knowledge- and technology-based projects, and contribute to existing projects on a national and international basis with our know-how and experience.

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  • Europe
  • Asia