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STEMSOFT, the leading cellular therapy informatics provider, offers a configurable, commercial-off-the-shelf electronic batch process record that supports barcoding, instrument integration and in-process calculation. Dramatically reducing slips, lapses and mistakes associated with documentation, our solution saves your team time, increases capacity, and supports quality while also providing you with the tools you need to address ever-changing scientific, medical, regulatory and accreditation requirements.

  • Documents your complete product lifecycle in one location – no more jumping between multiple systems and paper records
  • Puts the focus on consistent, standardized manufacturing  
  • Provides easy access to critical data from almost any device (including tablets)  
  • Saves money by optimizing existing capacity through electronic materials management, equipment maintenance management and product inventory management  
  • Addresses quality assurance and accreditation compliance with a system designed and maintained specifically to address the unique needs of the cell therapy community including ISBT labeling
  • Promotes access to your data through an unlimited site-wide license that lets you work where you want, when you want

Contact us today to learn how STEMSOFT can save you time, maximize quality and keep you in compliance.

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