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Contact Name: Kamal Trivedi

Contact Phone: +49 89741185-429

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Hypertrust Patient Data Care (HPDC) provides specialized solutions and consulting services to optimize the supply chain of Advanced & Personalized Therapies. HPDC products and services support all product lifecycle stages from pre-clinical trials to commercialization. With HPDC's broad supplier and service provider ecosystem, companies can accelerate the setup of their Advanced & Personalized Therapy supply chain processes. Hypertrust is a spin-off of CAMELOT Consulting Group.

Hypertrust X-Chain enables pharmaceutical and biotech companies to design, set-up, plan, orchestrate, operate and scale a frictionless APT supply chain that ensures highest data security based on latest technology, decentralization and pharmaceutical standards. It is the world's first all-in-one supply chain management solution for Advanced & Personalized Therapies.