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Contact Name: David Swenson

Contact Phone: +1 760 746-3136

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PatientSafe Solutions, Inc. is a patient and nurse-centered company. We exist to help prevent harm and assist in eliminating common errors and never events by providing a complete patient safety solution to hospitals. Our technologies can dramatically improve efficiency, interactivity, and communication in healthcare. We look at everything from the patient’s point-of-view. We are focused on enabling the nurse and caregivers to spend more time with their patients thus significantly improving the quality of patient care and patient satisfaction. We operate with a maniacal focus on delivering the very highest standards of patient safety that pays for itself.

PatientSafe Solutions did not buy IntelliDOT; IntelliDOT has evolved into a company with a broader mission and is now operating under the legal business name of PatientSafe Solutions, Inc. Your contacts’ email addresses with the convention of and will still continue to work, however we do advise that you change your address book to the new convention Additionally your email filters should be updated to allow the new convention to come through. All outbound emails from PatientSafe Solutions will contain We look forward to a continued partnership with our valued customers.