UDI Labelers

This section consists of material that pertains to UDI labelers.

Click here for details about the ISBT 128 data structures that can be used for encoding UDI elements.

Click here to access the ISBT 128 Product Lookup Program to find codes for use in the Processor Product Identification Code (device identifier).

The following illustration depicts an example ISBT 128 UDI, encoded within an ISBT 128 Compound Message, and provides information regarding printing of human-readable text:

Also available is the Unique Device Identifier (UDI) Generator tool that allows you to create the UDI for an ISBT 128 product. Click here to access the UDI Generator.


For more UDI-related information and illustrations, see the “ISBT 128 Standard Coding and Labeling of Medical Devices Using ISBT 128” document (ST-011). This document—along with other documents that pertain to medical devices—can be found on the Medical Devices – Documents page.