Cellular Therapy Endorsements

Cellular Therapy Endorsements

WMDA Position Paper Status

The World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA) has posted a position paper discussing how to handle facility confidentiality when labeling cellular therapy products from unrelated donors. 

An excerpt from the paper: "WMDA encourages the efforts to adapt ISBT 128 as an effective bar-coded information coding system that supports a globally unique identity, standardized product coding and full traceability of cellular therapy products."

WMDA Position Paper - PDF

12 August 2011


WBMT Letter to the European Commission Supporting ISBT 128 for Cellular Therapy

The World Network for Blood and Marrow Transplantation has submitted a letter to the European Commission (EC) supporting ISBT 128 for cellular therapy products and recommending that the EC provide a clear indication that the implementation of ISBT 128 for cellular therapy products will be compatible with the European Coding System.

See the WBMT letter to the European Commission here: http://www.wbmt.org/

12 August 2011


Patient Advisory for Stem Cell Therapy and Medical Tourism

Professional Cellular Therapy Societies have issued a patient advisory. ICCBBA along with several other organizations have endorsed this joint statement regarding stem cell therapy and medical tourism.

Patient Advisory - PDF

August 2013


CTCLAG Joint Statement

The Boards of AABB, APBMT, ASFA, ASTCT, Be The Match (NMDP), EBMT, EMBMT, FACT, ICCBBA, ISBT, ISCT, JACIE, LABMT, WBMT, and WMDA issued an updated consensus statement in support of the use of ISBT 128 in the coding of hematopoietic progenitor cell and other therapeutic cell products. 

The Boards of the above organizations encourage cell therapy facilities to use ISBT 128 product coding and labeling.

Joint Statement - PDF

Please contact ICCBBA if you would like your society to be added to the list of supporting organizations.

08 July 2021