Definitions of Use and User Categories

ICCBBA grants three types of licenses for the use of ISBT 128; Vendor, Limited Use Vendor, and Facility. Each license category has unique limitations as to how licensees can use ISBT 128. To view the grant of license for each category, refer to section 4.0 of the License Agreement.

The three categories for licenses are listed below:


  • Software Vendor: A vendor providing software to customers that process and/or outputs ISBT 128 data structures. This category includes: blood establishment computer system vendors, vendors of information management systems for MPHO facilities, and on-demand label printing system vendors.
  • Label Vendor: A vendor who provides pre-printed labels carrying ISBT 128 data structures.
  • Vendor Combined Software and Other: A vendor who meets the criteria of a software vendor and also provides non-software products/services that use ISBT 128 to 10 or more customers.
  • General Vendor: A vendor who provides products that use ISBT 128 data structures. This category includes vendors of containers that carry ISBT 128 data structures and vendors of testing equipment that receive and manipulate ISBT 128 data structures.

Limited Use Vendor:

  • Consultant/Supporting Vendor: A vendor who provides consultancy services related to the implementation and/or use of ISBT 128 and is limited to access of ISBT 128 databases, documents, and help desk services only.
  • Application Service Provider: A vendor who provides a service via a software application that utilizes ISBT 128 reference tables (FIN database, Product Database) but does not receive, process or output ISBT 128 data structures.


  • Facility: An organization that assigns ISBT 128 Donation Identification Numbers, labels products with ISBT 128 data structures, and/or uses ISBT 128 and its accompanying databases, documentation, and software tools. This category includes: transfusion services, blood collection centers, tissue banks, human milk banks, and cell therapy labs.

The ISBT 128 information standard and its accompanying databases, reference tables, documentation and software tools are licensed and not sold. ISBT 128 is owned by ICCBBA and protected by copyright.