Multiple Device Identifier Checker

Multiple DI Checker

The Multiple Device Identifier Checker can be downloaded here. This program allows a user to check the validity of a list of ISBT 128 Device Identifiers (DIs) provided in a data file (.txt file). This tool also interprets the Facility Identification Number and Product Description Code elements of each DI.

Instructions for Use:

  • Download the Multiple DI Checker here:

Version 1.0:  Multiple DI Checker – xlsm* (661 kB)

  • Create a text (.txt) file that includes a list of DIs and save it locally to your computer. A line break must be used to separate each DI. A text file that contains an example list of DIs can be downloaded here:

Example DIs data file – Text File (618 B)

  • Open the Multiple DI Checker. Select “Enable Editing” and "Enable Content" when prompted by MS Excel.
  • Click the “Select Data File (DI List)” button to select the text file that contains the list of DIs that need checking.

Note: It is the user's responsibility to ensure that the correct ISBT 128 Device Identifiers have been included in the text file and to verify the parsed elements in the Multiple DI Checker.


*The Multiple DI Checker is a Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook file (XLSM) and is compatible with versions of Excel 2007 and newer (it has not been validated for older versions of Excel).

Some versions of Internet Explorer may prevent the program from being downloaded as a standalone Excel file. If you experience this type of issue, please try downloading the program using a different web browser (e.g. Google Chrome).

 For information on ISBT 128 and the UDI, see ST-011 ISBT 128 Standard Coding and Labeling of Medical Devices Using ISBT 128.