The Americas Technical Advisory Group (ATAG) was established in 1994. Its purpose is to advise ICCBBA on the needs of users in the Americas. 

The ATAG membership is drawn from experts and representatives in the field of transfusion medicine working in the Americas in facilities that are licensed with ICCBBA.

In addition to voting members, liaisons attend ATAG meetings. Liaisons are from regulatory authorities and organizations with an interest in the ISBT 128 Standard.

Vendors and others interested in the work of the group may attend meetings as observers at the discretion of the chairperson.

Summary of Recent Activity

ATAG’s vendor meeting included a discussion to move toward using 2D symbols on the base label. They also discussed the UDI and how ISBT 128 is integrated in the system.

In the ATAG meeting, there was discussion regarding the coding and labeling of 6 and 7 day platelets and improving the safety of these products by using equipment and testing methods that are FDA approved. This involves developing a mechanism for ensuring the correct expiration date and time.

They also discussed the labeling of Octaplas aliquots and it was concluded that a proposal to define the division for X codes will be initiated.

Draft labels for a 2D transition label were reviewed. The draft labels will be sent to the FDA for comment.

In addition, ATAG has been active in the proposal process and the proposals regarding the GRID, expanded Class table field size, and allowable characters for data structures that accommodate HCT/P have been approved.

ATAG Member List

Representatives and Technical Experts

  • Butch, Suzanne – Chair
  • Alexander, Chester
  • Beaton, Maureen
  • Burns, Karen
  • Gironne, Donald
  • Lefresne, Wanda
  • Locher, Maria
  • Morris, Robin
  • Sharpe, Susan
  • Wurzbach, Tom


  • Agbanyo, Francisca
  • Peoples, Barbara


  • Berry, Travis
  • Browne, Geoff
  • Bruch, Isaac
  • Burgos, Virginia
  • Campbell, Troy
  • Cetinkaya, Sukru
  • Charbonneau, Manon
  • Curtis, Andrea
  • Davis, Ashley
  • Ditmars, Christi
  • Dragoo, Jeff
  • Fahie, Roland
  • Forbis, Brian
  • Gerhard, Kevin
  • Gorowsky, John
  • Hanske, Helmut
  • Hardwick, Karen
  • Heiman, Brenda
  • Herzberg, Mark
  • Hoppe, Ann
  • Kania, Kevin
  • Kingsbury, Tracy
  • Kirimli, Kent
  • Kirkpatrick, Brian
  • Kling, John – Vendor Chair
  • Kriozere, Richard
  • Larson, Christie
  • Lied, Carolina
  • Lyons, Peggy
  • Macias, Elaine
  • Marchlewicz, Ben
  • McGann, Isabel
  • Mendes, Patrick
  • Niston, Peggy
  • Passebon, Sophie
  • Pereda, Pedro
  • Polnicky, Gilles
  • Prater, Ryan
  • Pratt, Heather
  • Rowland, Neal
  • Sajot, Stéphane
  • Sandvik, Leif
  • Sapp, Laurie
  • Senter, Marsha
  • Simmons, Suzanne
  • Smith, Nadine
  • Waurzyniak, Daniel
  • Weaver, Renae
  • Weiner, Elan
  • Wray, Bruce


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