Standards Committee


The Standards Committee is the panel that reviews and determines ICCBBA technical policies. The group also reviews all documents prior to publication.

Standards Committee Members

  • Georgsen, Jørgen (Denmark) – CHAIR
  • Armitage, John (United Kingdom)
  • Ashford, Paul (ICCBBA Executive Director)
  • Bolton, Wayne (Australia)
  • Butch, Suzanne (USA)
  • Muon, Mario (Portugal)
  • Karen Moniz (ICCBBA Technical Director)
  • Poniatowski, Stefan (Australia)
  • Poston, Leigh Sims (USA)
  • Slaper-Cortenbach, Ineke (Netherlands)
  • Szczepiorkowski, Zbigniew (USA)
  • Uhrynowska-Tyszkiewicz, Izabela (Poland)


The Standards Committee comprises the chairs of select ICCBBA Technical Advisory Groups, others selected for their knowledge of the practical application of ISBT 128, and ICCBBA staff.

  • APTAG Chair: Wayne Bolton
  • ATAG Chair: Suzanne Butch
  • CTCLAG Chair: Zbigniew Szczepiorkowski
  • EBTAG Chair: John Armitage
  • EMATAG Chair: Mario Muon
  • ETTAG Chair: Izabela Uhrynowska-Tyszkiewicz
  • ITTAG Chair: Stefan Poniatowski
  • RMTAG Chair: Ineke Slaper-Cortenbach
  • Experts: Jørgen Georgsen and Leigh Sims-Poston
  • ICCBBA Staff: Paul Ashford, Erwin Cabana, and Mónica Freire, Karen Moniz

The Standards Committee determines which Technical Advisory Group will address specific technical questions and provides guidance to ICCBBA on technical issues.