New Product Description Codes for High and Low Titer Covid-19 Convalescent Plasma will be Available by Early November

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Date: 9/30/2020 12:20 pm
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ICCBBA is responding to the FDA COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma EUA Decision Memorandum by introducing new product description codes to indicate high and low titer CCP. In order to implement the codes in an efficient manner, two new product description codes, one for high titer and one for low titer, will be created for all current U.S. requested CCP codes (92).  These codes will be available by the early November release of the PDC database.  Any additional codes needed can be requested via the normal code request process. The alternative practice of using special testing codes with current CCP product codes to designate the titer status of the product may continue to be utilized.

[30 September 2020]